Saturday, January 12, 2013

Corporate Attire

Hi! This is our first post for 2013 and we're happy because we are now back in blogging (it has been so long since we did our last post)... 2012 has been so busy for us, aside from being a third year in college 2012 is the year were we started blogging. And we admit that blogging is not easy, a very challenging work for us, but we enjoy it... Through this we were able to inspire others and know our potentials as bloggers and we were so happy to share it to you guys...

Enough for that :) Yesterday we had our educational tour at PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) and BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and that was the first time we wore our corporate attire (in our university if you're in your third year you're already required to wear a corporate attire during Wednesdays and several events like seminars...) So let the pictures do the talking...

zai and jonaida



L-R magno, jolaine, mich, teks, zai, jonaida, leeimarie and borja

What do you think of our CORPO guys? honestly we don't feel it... but we had no choice but to wear it.. It's still look good, but not our bet.. :)

that's it, tell us your opinion about our corpo :)

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