Monday, November 19, 2012

Ordinary School Days by zai

This is just a quick outfit post, actually this is not an outfit post pala haha! Coz me and Jonaida were just wearing our college shirt :) hihi... Btw  I just want to share it though!

(took this shot at the city walk a while go!)

arm candies! the braided one (i really don't know what is that pattern called) is made by me..
gonna post the DIY of it soon...! :)

platform shoes from Primadonna

for Jonaida, jeans- Hot kiss

our college shirt... :) we wore the same shirt!

SM Department store (love its shoe lace)

that's it hihi, after that we went to Quantum (it's an arcade center) and to our law class at 6 pm :)
that's how we end our day! hihi too simple...


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