Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY: Neon Friendship Bracelets

Lately we've been so fascinated about NEONS, everything basta neon color (bracelet, necklace, earrings). Until one day we discovered something in youtube, video showing how to make a bracelet using all those plastics (na alam naman natin na napakarami hihi). It is so cool, an awesome way to recycle :) and we thought that it is such a cute idea to try it out :)

Materials that you will need :

  • Used plastic bags (in different colors)
  • chains and locks (galing sa sirang bracelets yung samen hihi)
  • pliers
  • stick glue (sorry gamit na yung samen :) )
  • cardboard and clippers (recycled din yung cardboard namin hihi)
  • scissors


!. cut a thin strips of plastics (depending on the color that you want)

(sorry for the blurry images :) )

since we love neons, we think that these three colors will make a good combination :)

2. twist the thin strips to make some texture to your design and for the braiding part

3. make a knot at the end of the strips

4. clip the strips to a cardboard and start braiding (braid yung napili naming design, pero pwede rin kayong gumawa ng gusto niyong design like cobra pattern, nasa discretion niyo na :) )

(yung haba nasa discretion niyo na din)

5. after you finish braiding it, make another knot at the end of the braid and secure it with the stick glue.

6. put some chains for your design and don't forget to put a lock to your bracelet :)

7. Tadaaa! Finished! :)))

see as easy as that! You already help our MOTHER EARTH, you save up your money pa :)

to see the video tutorial click HERE !!!

that's it super easy and super fun! hope you enjoy! and you should also try to make your own friendship bracelets!


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  1. this is amazing. can't believe na pwede pala cellophane noh. try to make one. pwede rin gawing ensemble sa mga diyshorts ko. visit my blog too.thanks