Monday, November 19, 2012

Pamper Day!

Everybody needs a break once in a while, and pampering one's self is the best way to reward yourself a treat to do away the stress.. So I decided to indulge my self for having my hair treatment last week with my friend Zairah (late post na to..but it's ok!)..

This is me having my treatment, it's relax with cellophane..:)

And this is my ever supportive friend Zairah who accompany me. While waiting for me, she's reviewing for our Tax1 (haha cramming kasi hindi nakapagreview.. nakauniform kami kasi we have a class at 2:30..) 

It's Anne Curtis-Smith, Zairah's idol :) reading this at the salon, she luckily found it and super happy siya kasi she didn't  grab a copy of this last May.

Instead of reviewing Tax1, grabbing the opportunity to read this magazine tinodo na niya ang pagababasa and she even took pictures of it because she really love Anne Curtis..:)

At Jollibee, having our lunch..we're so gutom na, 1:00 P.M. na kaya natapos, we've been there at 10:00 A.M. pa!

Tadaa! My new hair!:)

Sisters! :)
 (we used to call each other te or tete..hihi)

After all the pagpapaganda , we went to our class na which was Management 6, and finally we had met our prof at that day na since he didn't meet us last Tuesday...:)

We end our day with a smiling face, lalo na ako with my new hair achieve na achieve! haha..:)


Ordinary School Days by zai

This is just a quick outfit post, actually this is not an outfit post pala haha! Coz me and Jonaida were just wearing our college shirt :) hihi... Btw  I just want to share it though!

(took this shot at the city walk a while go!)

arm candies! the braided one (i really don't know what is that pattern called) is made by me..
gonna post the DIY of it soon...! :)

platform shoes from Primadonna

for Jonaida, jeans- Hot kiss

our college shirt... :) we wore the same shirt!

SM Department store (love its shoe lace)

that's it hihi, after that we went to Quantum (it's an arcade center) and to our law class at 6 pm :)
that's how we end our day! hihi too simple...


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heart Doodle

I made this doodle yesterday, and i think it turned out so cute. aside from kawaii characters, its shape really made it cool.. and by the way it's my third doodle.. hope you like it..

oh before i forgot, i want to name all those characters on my doodle :)

at the bottom all the way to the top there's an ice cream, note, rabbit, skull, dolphin, robot, kitty, hearts, flowers, cupcakes, monsters, clouds, panda, swirls, sun, candy, love, hope, peace, mr. mustache and a lot of stuff pa :)

Hihi that's it pancit, i think i'll post some more doodles next time, bye..